Learn Body Language & Deception Detection

Learn the secret nonverbal language taught by former undercover police officer and federal prosecuting attorney Pamela Barnum.


How to Build Real and Sustainable Trust in Any Situation

Learn simple techniques that you can begin using immediately. Everything Pamela teaches is based on real-world experience that has proven successful in building and maintaining trust, even in the most challenging situations.

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Every day we communicate with a secret language┬áthat leads to miscommunications and misunderstandings. Trust is broken, negotiations fail, and relationships are destroyed often because of what is not being said. Imagine if you could use this secret language to your advantage? Allowing you to detect deception, negotiate better deals, and build more trusting relationships. Let’s get started!

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Tips & Techniques


Body Language IQ

** Due to the sensitive nature of this course, we can only accept a limited number of pre-approved qualified students. Qualified applicants include those who do not have a criminal conviction for drugs, guns, or violence. **